Institute for New Testament Studies


Hanna-Maria Hengel

Assistant and Doctoral Student

Institute for New Testament Studies

Postal Address
Universität Bern
Institut für Neues Testament
Länggassstr. 51
CH-3012 Bern
As of 09/2021
PhD on the expansion of Christianity in Colossae. Part of the research project ECCLESIAE (Early Christian Centers, Local Expressions, Social Identity & Actor Engagement), funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation
09/2020–08/2021 Assistant to Prof. Dr. Benjamin Schliesser – Theological Faculty of the University of Bern
2020 Acamedic Final Exam ("Diplom") at the University of Tübingen
2016–2020 Course of Study in Protestant Theology in Tübingen
2016 Bachelor's Degree, Middle Eastern Studies
2012–2016 Course of Study in Middle Eastern Studies and in Theology at the University of Munich
1991 *


  • Schreiber, Constantin: Inside Islam. Was in Deutschlands Moscheen gepredigt wird, Berlin 2017, in: Materialdienst der EZW 80,7 (2017), 277-278.